Wellness Mapping

As part of a multidisciplinary team, we have produced a number of online atlases to communicate the geographical distribution of wellness in British Columbia. We take the “half-full” or asset approach to mapping indicators of wellness, rather than a “half-empty” or deficit approach. 
We wanted to challenge the reader to ask why is one part of BC healthier than another?  The first atlas was published in 2007.  A revised second edition has been published in 2011.  There also are a number of supplementary publications focussing on specific themes, including review of the wellness literature (up to 2010), a comparison of BC to the rest of Canada, a Senior Supplement, and a Women’s Supplement. 
All publications are available in digital format on our website at  http://www.geog.uvic.ca/wellness/.  The website also contains an MSc thesis introducing the “Construction of a Regional Adolescent Health and Wellness Index for BC” and links to other health mapping initiatives.
In collaboration with:

  • Les Foster (Department of Geography and School of Child and Youth Care)
  • Brian McKee (Ashgrove Geographic Services Ltd.)
  • Dr. Aleck Ostry (Department of Geography)
  • Gina Martin (MSc student)
  • and others