James Bay Air Quality Study

SSRL researchers have been working with a range of stakeholders to investigate the impacts of cruise ship emissions on local air quality.
Since 2007, we have been undertaking targeted monitoring, conducting emissions modelling, and analysing data from provincial air quality stations to further our understanding of the frequency and magnitude of pollution episodes in the James Bay neighbourhood of Victoria, B.C. Lately, we've been exploring monitoring methods to better capture the spatial aspect of pollution episodes. 
You can find our key project reports here:
Phase 1 Report on the Results of Field Monitoring in 2007
Phase 2 Report in the Results of CALPUFF Air Quality Dispersion Modelling 2007
MAML - Mobile Air Monitoring Laboratory Data Collection Report 2009
Sulfur Dioxide Levels - 2011 James Bay
Sulfur Dioxide Levels - 2012 James Bay
Sulfur Dioxide Levels - 2013 James Bay
We would also like to acknowledge the substantial contributions of past SSRL Researcher, Karla Poplawski.