Emissions Mapping Project

Funded by CIHR and CAREX Canada, the Emissions Mapping Project provides a wide range of files that can be easily downloaded and displayed with Google Earth, and allows you to see how watersheds, provinces, health regions and major cities rank according to total toxicity of emissions to air , see how different sources contribute to the rankings, and see information on sources and levels of known and suspected carcinogens in outdoor environments.
We have also developed tutorials to help people use Google Earth and our files, and a manual for creating your own Google Earth files using simple spreadsheets. Visit the Emissions Mapping Project to get started now!
We recently completed work supported by a CIHR grant to work with members of the First Nations Environmental Health Information Network to develop a Strategic Plan for disseminating the Emissions Mapping Project information and tools to people working in health or environmental quality for First Nations organizations. The final report is available here.
We have since collaboratively developed Training Plans with five First Nations organizations from across Canada, guided by the Strategic Plan, and are now in the implementation phase.
We would also like to acknowledge the substantial contributions of past SSRL researchers, Karla Poplawski, Anders Erickson and Steeve Deschenes.