CAREX Canada

CAREX Canada is a national project producing estimates of Canadian exposures to known and suspected carcinogens at work and in the environment, including outdoor air indoor air, indoor dust, drinking water, and foods and beverages. CAREX Canada's Environmental Exposures program has been housed here at the SSRL since 2008, and with renewed funding from the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, will continue until 2017.
Led by Dr. Eleanor Setton in Phase 1 (April 2008 - March 2013), our team conducted extensive literature and internet reviews to identify Canadian data on known and suspected carcinogens in different exposure pathways, and applied a risk assessment-based approach to develop lifetime excess cancer risk indicators for more than 30 substances. We've also developed a range of tools, tutorials and manuals to help people working in cancer prevention programs across Canada use the CAREX information to reduce Canadians' exposures.
We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of past SSRL researchers Perry Hystad, Karla Poplawski, Steeve Deschenes, Roz Cheasley, Basil Veerman and Cloe Whittaker, as well as those of Alejandro Cervantes-Larios at UBC Geography.
Visit the environmental estimates on the CAREX Canada website to see more of our work!