Border Air Quality Study

Researchers at the SSRL contributed a numberof studies to this large project studying the effects of air pollution on health in the Georgia Basin - Puget Sound airshed.
The Border Air Quality Study was funded by Health Canada 2004-2007 and led by Dr. Michael Brauer at UBC. The main obejctive of the study was to investigate the effects of exposure to air pollution on birth outcomes (low birth weight, pre-term birth).
Researchers at the SSRL helped to acquire and consolidate a range of spatial datasets in support of the exposure assessment modelling, and conducted studies on the infiltration of outdoor fine particulates to indoor environments (Perry Hystad), the potential exposure misclassification effects of using residential addresses only for exposure assessment (Eleanor Setton), the assessment of how well air pollution models developed for one sub-region tranferred to other sub-regions in the study area (Karla Poplawski), and developing spatial models of woodsmoke in the Capital Regional District (Christy Lightowlers).