Eleanor Setton

Co-Director My research interest lies mainly in using GIS to support exposure assessment to pollutants, with the aim of investigating links between environmental quality and human health. This includes monitoring and modelling environmental quality, with a current focus on air pollution as well as carcinogenic pollutants in all exposure pathways. I am also committed to working with communities to explore environmental health issues and  on a more basic level, to empower communities by building capacity for using spatial data.
I joined CAREX Canada in 2008 as the Lead Scientist for the Environmental Exposures Program, and had the pleasure of working with an amazing team of researchers on this project over the ensuing five years as we developed the CAREX environmental estimates, related tools and the Emissions Mapping Project. I am now a Associate to CAREX Canada and lead the Cancer and the Environment projects. Working with four First Nations across Canada, we are collaboratively developing training and resources to help First Nations use the CAREX information and tools. The team includes partners from CAREX Canada, the Propel Centre for Population Health Impact at the university of Waterloo, and the First Nations Environmental Health Innovation Network.
I also established and lead the mobile air quality monitoring program at the SSRL, and am active in air quality monitoring, modelling, and data analysis for a variety of communities in British Columbia.